Social/general question. How old/young are you and do you ride?

So how old or young are you gamers and do you ride?

No. Im a road cyclist and also bmx

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I race post vintage motocross with Southern California clubs, AHRMA, CALVMX and American Retrocross.

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I’m 33. I’ve got a kickass Suziki Hayabusa!
Nah… I’ve got a scooter. It goes around 30 downhill.


41,rode quads and sleds since young. Hopefully be getting another quad soon

19, riding a mountain bike xD


I’m 38.
Ride a 2012 z1000. Grew up riding trails on a little Kawasaki KD80.

29 raced mx for about 12 years, now I race downhill mtn bikes.

49 yrs old and raced MX for three years. Best race… Placed 4th in Yamaha Gold Cup event at Clark’s Branch Motocross in Roseburg Oregon 1981 on a two year old Suzuki RM 80 against factory support riders.

i’m 21
and yes i ride a ktm duke 390
nd ya big fan of motocross nd supermoto even motogp :slight_smile:

What’s up… I’m 44, raced AMA MX/SX from '88 to '01. Broke my neck in '03 leaving me a quadriplegic. Not being able to use my fingers makes it tough for fine adjustments during play, but I manage.


I’m 37 years old raced on the amateur level as a youngster in the 85 cc class in late 80s into early 90s and then 125 cc class up intill the mid 90s . haven’t raced in years but I do ride , Have a Super Sick YFZ 450 that in 2004 I blew out my S1 L5 vertebrae in my lower back surgery made it worse as far as riding is concerned so no more hitting big Triples anymore, I’m going to convert it into a cruiser.

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Adriaan 40 from Johanesburg South Africa. I ride socialy love dirt bikes

38 :muscle::sunglasses:

34, grew up riding a 70’s ke100 :joy:…couldn’t even jump that thing but it was fast. I got more into bmx and moutian biking after I discovered the t.k. lawless park trail :confounded: 18 miles of crazy.

I am an active motocross race, and like the European Championships for Germany.
And Hallencross participated in Holland.

I’m 47, rode pro MX for about 17 years. You’ve probably seen me on TV, I was the guy trying to get out of Carmichael’s way as he LAPPED me haha. My best finish at an AMA national was 18th and in SX was 17th.

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I’m… I ride a sweet 2014 KX85 and I ride at my house and my friends.

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