Smooth slide Challenge Canada

I try to do the first challenge on smooth slide, the backflip on the three bumps but the challenge is not validated when I do the backflip. I don’t understand, can you help me please ?

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Same here can’t get this one to trigger


Same here too, cant pass this one challenge “backflip the triple”

Here also. Can’t passt this challenge

Has anybody found a way to do this yet? So annoying.

Same here tried 100 times . Whats the answer to complete this. Thats the only thing I have left to complete to be :100: canada complete.

I would be fairly confident that Turbo already knows about this problem and probably have a fix in the making but I would suggest either joining the discord ( Turborilla ) and reporting it in the “help” channel, or sending an email to, because none of the devs are actually very active on here anymore.