Skill based matching making

I’m just gonna throw in my two cents on this. I’m not sure if you have away to do if, but like in the game call of duty advanced warfare, they had skill based matching making where they take your win/loss and kill/death ratio and put you with players with the same skills off of these ratios. It would be cool if you could go off of people’s win loss ratios to put them with people that are closer to their level and maybe have their division rank in jam also affect that

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That would be really cool, but that sounds like an awful lot og programming with BMX2 coming up.

It kinda does, idk why I didn’t think about this sooner

This concept has been on our radar for a long time. Hell, it was actually part of the plan for MSM2 that just wasn’t realized. At this point, it’s something we’ll save for the next MX game we make I think.