Show off your crazy moves!


Yeah well duh… Getting hit in the head by a shovel isn’t exactly the thing that makes you smart :expressionless::joy:


i read in a forum a couple weeks ago that it’s timed to 7 decimal places however we only see the first 3.


it wont make you smart it’ll make you special with a capital R


Woah, That’s a delayed response​:grinning: The question was asked on October 16th… and answered by me that very same day​:grinning::grinning::grinning:


shut up




i was thinking the exact same thing :joy:, but i appreciate the effort @THR_Quaid thanks mate :grinning:


ya i definately went full retard there

and as robert downey junior says…


This is so cool. Ending of the versus track “Bend Vs Break”


Mad Skills Gone Wild!

Here’s one from me, track was remember back when I just started my ZSE account I did this crazy shit with this bike, enjoy





its crazy.