Show off your crazy moves!


“What does this button do?”


Happened to me many times. Only i got shoot straight up while you got shoot along the track


When you tryna be fast but backscrub is life


Losing time in the whoops eh @OnTheFrontLine :wink:


Dude that is fast!


Still behind you tho, kinda froze up at the end, didnt want to thow that gem away :wink: now I dont want to improve :smile:


@ those times you get a sick line and its gonna shave off like a full second of your best time and you get freaked out midway through the lap that you are gonna blow it… and you blow it… every time.


Been working on a new technique for the whoops.


A little similar… On the Versus track LED vs Plasma


Sorry forlag and the vertical video idk what happened


Couldn’t load it although I’m sure it was some badassery :imp:


How in the hell did you manage to make a vertical streamable? I’m impressed!


this is not much of a crazy moves but more of a crazy race!! didn’t know where else to post it so here it is.
It was freaking intense and the end was really unexpected, i mean what are the odds?

guys in this case how does the game decides who is the winner?
@TCR_DJAuzzi_CA that was a tough race buddy :+1:


Usually the first one to cross the line wins

On a serious note, I think its the center or the front wheel that counts


the center sound more fair, however what i meant by my question was what if both players have the exact same time. Do they count more than 3 places after the decimal or just random.


Its been up like thousands of times before but right now I cant remember the exact amount of how many the game count… I think its around ten


It’s seven digits. And it counts from the first part of the bike, not just the front wheel. I actually miss the time when it was the rider… that was cool and bizarre.


hey friends watch this


Didn’t even know this topic existed :joy: well here’s the only pic of a cool move i have :grinning:


You wouldn’t know cool if it hit you upside the head with a shovel.