Show off your crazy moves!


#57 I did 9 front flips on career track #braap got check it out and comment if you can do more than this​:muscle::fearful::point_up_2:


OUCH, neck brace!


Thats awesome, you didn’t even stop flipping once you got on the ground! LOL check out my forward flip!


Oh yeah, one of the rare times the save still gets a win!

Front Flip Save on The Machine

Screen shot of the beginning of the flip, my head can’t be an inch off the ground and i didn’t crash! WATCH!


Thats sick dude… Its like if the helmet touches the ground instead of the body it doesnt count as a crash :stuck_out_tongue:


If you stop it again right after it looks like my back is on the ground. I don’t know how i didn’t crash! LOL

That has to be the lowest front flip in history! LOL


DH Moto is a great track to try out wicked shit.
This is me when I race a good friend of mine and also a great Madskiller @KidM66


Air walking trying to catch up to my ghost…


Great to have the track Dino back, not sure what @Steve-ox thoughts are though :smile:


A little flying upside down crossing the finish line!! Lol…


Cool run on Open It Up. At least I thought so when I watched the replay :slight_smile:


Why are you playing in the middle Of a road :slight_smile:


Made a pass on @Kipketer on shadowline, I slowed down the utterly intentional moves of sweet awesomeness for you to take notes @Birdshaw :slight_smile:


I’m gonna let this one pass. You know how trigger happy I am on the edit button. :slight_smile:


HAHAHA, best pwnage on this forum so far :joy: Boom!


This was totally not because I forgot to break.


Ha that was awesome!!!


Check this scrub out then! Look really close and you see that I clearly touch the ground… The helmet touching the dirt must be the exeption from falling of your bike :wink:


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