Show off your crazy moves!


Hah thanks KipKeter. I’ve been doing that same run everytime I race that track on VERSUS and been winning 90% of the time lmao.


A sweet lil flip in the start of this weeks Jam track Pi in the sky


Cleared an Achievement just now “Wheelie for 8 seconds” in a very odd way


Not too crazy, but that’s the best stuck landing I’ve ever done!

And yes that’s me in the corner dissing Kip’s taste in music:)


Rag doll launch




Was looking through phone pics and seen this, forgot all about it. Prolly the best glitch Ive encountered so far lol


where can I get those rims? they look sick!


It was back in The day when we were testing out colored rims. They looked like that when a retail version played a beta version.



Really weird thing that happened


Yeah that has happend to me many times. The front wheel start to freak out in the air and when you land you’ll never know what will happen :stuck_out_tongue:


Falling backward to double front flip in the whoops.


You tweaked the front fork bro! LOL Must have had those air chamber forks! Roczen got rid of those, and so should you! LOL


I just had to record this mad run, i have no idea how it compares to others but i have never played anyone who got into the 14 second range.

Ps i just loaded something to streamable (i saw thats what you guys were doing) and it didn’t have sound. is that typical?


Streamable usually has sound, so I don’t know what happened there. But the sound has never been a very prominent feature in MSMX, so is all good.


Thats one hell of a run! Land in the whoops works for me 1 out of 64 attempts :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah thats why my comment says lucky, one bounce in the whoops to set up a scrub for the final jump! If you judged me on that run alone ZSE and Master52 would have some competition out of me… hahah,

BUT REALITY is i am just a SPODE who got a lucky bounce in the whoops! LOL


Me chasing @Kipketer with busted wheel lol