Show off your crazy moves!


You got any clips or pics lying around on your phone just waiting spread some awe, then here’s the thread for you! A sweet scrub, a crazy save, a hard as nails crash, or anything else you think the community should see.

Videograbbing on iPhone is hard to do, so sometimes I resort to filming the screen, which works quite allright for me.
You can upload your clips to sites like youtube or and then post the link.
Bring it!


To get the ball rolling I’d like to show off my best backscrub.


An alright save:

A way to clear a “brake jump”:


You still won!


Another way to attack Joes brake jumps:

How to finish at Red Iron (Jam Week 107) @Monroe201 style:


Photo finish 0.005s

Can’t help it still proud of my winning jam run from over a year ago.
Mad Skills MX 2 Jam Week 63 Here’s the Kicker Winners

ps: I use Samsung Galaxy s5, do you guys know any screen recording program I could use to capture these moments?




I have tons, but this one is by far my favorite.


Trying to climb the mountains haha.



@Steve-ox nailing a sweet backscrub at the first lap of Double Down, in Jam week 77


@Steve-ox might have to repaint the back of his helmet after that scrub


whoops & wall 2015 vs 2016
still trying to get some settings right, anyways my 1st capture.
I’m starting to get used to some of the (for me totally new) versus tracks. finally had a good finish on 2015 vs 2016


I was checking out old Jam runs of me and saw I did a frontflip in my run on Alamoto (start at 41 seconds)


That odd Swedish guy @Kipketer always has a flip in his runs. I just go with what works.


One way of clearing the finish bump at Jam track Dino :slight_smile:


Triple back flip scrub to funny finish. Subscribe to my channel on youtube I will be uploading a lot more stuff like this.


Haha thats a really messed up run man :smile:



So i dont have any footage of this because it got deleted off the lesderboards, so if any staff can restore the replay in any way that would be awsome.

So on jam week 73 track round robin i was just playing, having fun while trying to set a good time.
So i got some air on a jump and i was trying to jump over the gap, i did a frontflip and landed with the backwheel right here
I somehow got shot superfast forwards a whole lap and i got 2nd place worldwide.
I was just so shocked when it happened