Run reactions and report run - new idea/concept

First of all i created a new topic because this is a big post and i feel like this concept that i came up with is a good idea.
if this concept doesnt make it to msmx2, it would be pretty cool to have it in msmx3 atleast-

I got this idea the other day when a cheater named rodrimex kept popping up on the leaderboard and stole my first place. I thought why not just give really trustable and active players moderator status? sure, the developers can eventually fix the game and make it “unhackable”, but hackers will also eventually find a workaround. so whats the best solution here? Why not just add moderators as i said? it wouldnt hurt anybody but the cheaters. Then there was a run that goes by the username zeldabroralride and it had a pretty amazing trick in it, so i kinda wanted to just say like a quick: “wow that was cool great job” to him without spending too much time in versus with taunt messages. Thats how i came up with this idea/concept.

short explained this is a feature that lets you see run info, share the run to whatever social site (which when someone clicks the link, it would load up msmx2 and show them the run immediately) , give reactions to it and report the run to a moderator cough me and zse cough. i made a quick concept art in like 5 minutes to briefly how it can look like. pictures at the bottom of this post.

this has some problems that needs to be solved
the first problem is non-premium users. should this be a premium feature? because if someone with premium shares this run with a non-premium user, would they be able to see it? (when i think about it the devs can easily implement a “premium checker” before the run loads and ask the user to buy premium.
the second problem is spam reports. yeah, what was i gonna say here, i just wanna get done with this. it could potentially happen if non premium users get access to this feature.

again, the images below is just quick concept art and i didnt spent much time on it.
I hope you like this idea.

RIP english


i love the idea as long as Birdshaw doesn’t get to decide, half of madskills population are already suffering as is with his current POWERS :joy:
lets get a bit serious now, the idea is great and i love it especially the ability to communicate directly with other players or at least the ones you follow, cuz i can’t neither stand nor understand the character limit when sending taunts in vs’s.

but i didn’t get the reporting thing, you mean who ever gets to be trusted as a moderator can report only (and the idea is doing it directly from the within the game instead of here), or being able to delete the player all together from the leaderboard

if its the latter i think its a bit more complicated where probably someone needs to have access to some kind of database on the server side to perhaps be able to do it, hence they ask us to provide the Division, track, time, name…etc when reporting a cheater.

if its not yet clear from reading some of the words that i used like (i think, probably, some kind and perhaps) i clearly have no idea what i am talking about :sweat_smile: so we should wait for an actual developer’s feedback.

but all in all :+1:

I can definitely see the talking to players option being a thing (as in i would love that to be included in the game haha)… But if you can share runs so everyone can watch them what’s the point of the premium rounds that are in the game?
And also for the 1 hacker showing up every like half a year i think the developers can handle banning hackers themselves :grinning: no need for moderators and completely new functions in the game for that if you ask me :thinking:

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I’ve always thought something that would be cool in mad skills would be the option to spectate when someone is competing your vs challenge or something like that

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Dude, I only abuse my powers in here… and on Twitch… and Facebook… and maybe a little on discord. But my ingame powers I have never abused.


First of, I love that you made mockup screenshots! <3

I guess one thing we’re afraid of is that some people would flag scores that aren’t cheaters (because they lost or whatever) and then our moderators would need to go through all false positives.

Only trusting a few with this functionality would solve it I guess.

A problem with sharing replays on social networks is that we currently don’t store old replays… changing that would require some work.

… I need to think about this for a bit :slight_smile: