Rest In Peace David

Just to make everyone know what is going on, last night we got the news that David aint With us No more, he took the riding Skills With him up to the angels.

Its a huge impact on our community and feelings.

Today is a dark day, and i would like to Honor David With one thing.

Let us change state, ingame avatar/ picture for a week to make one last push for him.


Only the good ones die young🙏🏻


Rip 🪦 David :pray:

I don’t think he’s dead….he played msbmx2 today, mint changed his pfp back from the David tribute, and he deleted the video about his death…I think someone’s pulling a scandal…

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Idk the whole story… I doubt it tho

No he’s not dead. The whole thing was just someone’s messed up idea of a joke. Not sure who’s fault it was originally though.

:neutral_face: alright I’m pissed now. I even told my mom to pray for his family

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