Reset times on individual tracks

The times have been reset due to a bug that prevented players to play track two. The overall times, however, remain so divisions are untouched.

So best time on the individual track is still stored somewhere, and I have to go beat my old best time for it to show up on the individual leaderboards, is that correct?

Edit: what Im trying to say is that it’ll show up when I beat my old crappy but still really really good time with my new shiny super awesome time right? :grin:

Edit2: Question, or maybe individual times isnt stored after all, seems as if total time isnt adjusted if i beat my time on one track alone?

Edit3: Just wanted to say this is my last edit. Thank you.

Edit4: Spell check.

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Those are some good ass questions. I’m at 2.04 in total. I tested by doing two random runs totalling 2.10. My overall still shows 2.04. Idk what happens if I improve my times. It’s super messed up.

Like that’s gonna happend :grinning:

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Well thats why I don’t know. Geeeze

I beat my old times and it posted it up, went from n/a to new times.