Regional Section

I was wondering if we could have a regional section by U.S. States and countries. I’m consistently number one in NH and I would like to talk to the guys I’ve been beating for over a year. Lol!

Add them in Versus and chat, thats what I did :wink:
I think having a section for each state in the US is a bit overkill though, due to the fact we’re only ~300 users in here.

I challenge a lot of the top riders in my state to get to chat with them.

There’s about 1,000 in Oklahoma every week.

I’m in NH, what was it you’d like to chat with me about? :wink:

I’m active every week, but am usually only in the top 10-20% of the region. I’ve been floundering in Division 2 for a several weeks now. Hit Div 1 once a while ago… The crowning achievement of my life! :wink:


I just wanted to talk some smack to the other top guys in NH. I have a broken left thumb in a cast and I’m still crushing everyone by 1+ seconds using the auto-gas feature. Lol.

I never had a reason to use it until now.

Is that your name in the game? I’ll add you on versus.

Bah, I thought I’d replied to this a while ago. Nope, apparently my reply was sitting, unsubmitted, in my phone. Anyways, yeah, you found me in game, and you’ve commenced with the asswhoopin’ I was expecting, but it’s all good by me. :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to just beat you once with the help of some luck (you’ll see in the replay)… So at least I’m not getting skunked. :smile:

I have trouble with braking and slowdown sections since I have to use my index finger.

I’m “following” you but we still can’t chat in versus.

What’s going on?

I can chat with my friend I race who is also my Facebook friend.

You need to be following eachother for the chat to work.

Yeah, that’s my b, I hadn’t followed you back yet. Should be good now!