Red rims will not equip

Someone might need to fix this

Wow I’m so surprised that it doesn’t work for any opponents it works for lot of people

It just started happening

Oh ok

That happened with me too, I had to log out and log back in and everything was fine then

What do mean

What do you mean

Thanks it worked

I am having the same problem. Also if I have red rims equipped the rims are silver but I cannot change my tire colors either. Any solutions. I tried logging out and back in did not work for me.

Delete the game and then you log back in it worked for me and you lose nothing.

Once you re download it log back into your account and you might be good👍

Hello, my nickname is NaLaD4iK54
I reinstalled the game and I lost ProPass in DailyDash and red discs.
All points were also dropped in April. Help solve this problem

But I still have a suit for 5 points and a helmet for 10 points. And now shows 0 points for April

and also does not show me on the leaderboard. Writes NOT PLAYED

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Deleted it and reinstalled it. I restored my purchases but I lost everything I won last month including red rims and gears and lost my 5 points from yesterday and today.

Update. I logged out and logged back in again. Last months winnings came back and red rims equipment. Lost this months but I messaged them and they updated my winnings from this months. Great customer service.