RED number plate for being number 1 in your area


Anyone else think that this would be cool add on for the game?






Oh Yeah :+1::grinning:


How do you get in on the THR crew?


Easy just talk to Birdshaw he’s the president. He’ll tell u to finish braap under 2 min and all that shit :joy: Which u probably have allready done :joy: After that he can change your ingame name and if u want your forum name to :grin::+1: Let me be the first to welcome u! To this awesome gang of nutcases :smiley: And dont forget to hook up and follow onthefrontline on twitch! He streams every thursday on the new jam tracks and has giveaways for free premium and stuffs :blush:
@THR_Birdshaw. @OnTheFrontLine


Here in Kentucky we have 6 great guys( including me😎) and all are good on different type tracks you know how much that would have to be changed. Great idea but a lot of work and multply that by 50 us states and over 70 countries


It would be better if only added to number one per country


You could do it based on who was number 1 overall the week before.


You dont talk to birdsaw, he’ll talk to you! haha hope ur ok with being cyber bullied too :joy: look what he put on my title @THR_Birdshaw u ass! :joy::joy:



All caps tax

Edit: Took you long enough to notice😀


Hahaha you dick. Has a nice ring though :metal:


Hahahahahha wooooow @THR_Birdshaw your savage :joy::joy::joy: