Recording ingame


first of all, i enjoy this great game everyday again and discovered this game thanks to a mate of me.

Since we compeet and brag alot when one or the other breaks the others time, i would like to know if there is some kind of program/app i can download to record the tracks i ride to show him how to take a bump or hill etc,…

I’ve got a iPhone 7 if that matters :smile:

Thanks in advance!

Get premium in game and you can watch each others and anyone else’s replays just tap the :movie_camera: icon in jam and it will direct you to purchase it

Apple wont allow recorders on their phone due to security reasons. Sometimes it’s possible to download programs from shady websites but they tend to get shut down.
Our very own @OnTheFrontLine uses a cable and some program for streaming so he can make vids aswell.

My phone has a record option there in game. S7

Yeah Androids have no problems

@Davekat: If you have a mac then you can connect your device to your computer with the normal usb cable and record your screen using Quicktime Player. It’s not as good as a real recording setup but it works :slight_smile:

(your device is probably not called Benjamin’s iPhone though ;))


I use a program called AirServer ($15) that lets me wirelessly airplay my iPad/iPhone to my computer (it also has google cast support). I then record in OBS and capture the AirServer window

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Thanks alot for all the responses, i might be buying the airserver program later to record, seems a good prog. tried the free trial atleast.

I have android, my cell phone is a huawei mate 9 and comes a native screen recording tool in the system.