Random OT smalltalk from various threads


Oh I JUST got what you were saying earlier. :grinning:
But the King aint boning the Prinsesse! Dat sum whack shit right there.


Plus! Let us all remember this now! Birdshaw is NEVER (all caps) NEVER off topic :joy::joy:


Hahaha so i did have to explain it :joy::joy::joy:


And where the hell were u man when Justin did jam?:thinking::blush:


Birthday of a friend of mine that I’ve know for almost my entire life :slight_smile:


Dude, I have underwear I’ve known longer than that😀


Hahaha you might wanna buy a new pair man :joy::joy: seriously though I’ve known him for like 15 years or something out of the 18 total :grinning: i doubt you have 15 year old underwear :joy::joy::joy:


You’d be surprised. Had I not gained like 40 kg since then it would have been true tho. I do, however, have T-shirts older than that.


You’re 18y?? I mean i thought u were older​:thinking: You sound so mature all the time, like a little uncle​:joy:.Always polite​:+1::joy:


Everyone has 15 years old t-shirts. Hell i have t-shirts from when! I was 15😂 Thats a long time ago. Damn the 80:s were good days😂


My underware has worn out from dealing with mah massive dong😀


Really? So It’s not from all the scratching then?(crabs):joy::joy:u dog​:joy:


Haha yes sir I’m only 18…and this is literally the first time that I’ve heard someone from justins stream say that I’m polite all the time :joy::joy::joy:


Well maybe not all the time​:joy: U have your moments of wickedness​:smiling_imp: But otherwise your a good kid​:sunglasses: We are all supposed to be a bit wicked so keep up the good work son​:joy::joy:


If @THR_Dutchman really were polite all the time, then explain to me why he gets timed out more than anyone Ive ever seen.


Hahaha😂 Well to me he is


Let me tell you why… Because someone… I won’t say who ( @THR_Birdshaw ) isn’t as kind as I am :grinning:


I don’t know what you’re insinuating.


@Bragstad this might be a very random question but is there a reason why you brake in mid air all the time? Just curious :slight_smile:


It makes u fly faster :wink: jk, i dont know haha, ive been doing that forever… just a bad habit i guess