Random OT smalltalk from various threads


Need to change the tag on here next


Same. Kip’s in bed. @THR_Birdshaw halp.


@THR_Birdshaw you think you’re sneaky…


I have no idea what you’re talking about😀


I’ve got a man on the inside. :joy::joy:


Dat fucka don’t know shit!


He knows how to treat people. :slightly_smiling_face:


I know how to treat people. How I CHOOSE to treat people is another matter.


Touché. :smirk:


It’s an instant classic!


Do i really need to explain myself here?! I meant you didn’t do your part as king birdshaw in the story very well :grinning: that’s why the princess is facepalming :grinning:


I have no idea what you’re talking about. King Birdshaw does all the doing in that story.


Well done king beershaw :beer::+1: salute


Ended up boning the knight, whilst the fair maiden recorded and uploaded it to phub is how the real story goes @THR_Birdshaw @THR_Dutchman


HEY MAN! Did you write the story? NO! I did!


See in that case king birdshaw would probably do a great job at his part in the story :joy:


You have no idea!


It’s funny how a brand new thread can go off topic before it even have started


Yeah lets see where it ends😂


How can it be off topic when It’s never been on topic? This is the new topic.