Random OT smalltalk from various threads


I believe someone mentioned this before but has the desert background been removed from the game all together?


I wish i had premium, so i could see how they get 1.02 times on turkey😕


Dude. Cough up some dough! I know it’s dem Swedish worth next to nothing monopoly money, But It’s still good.


Yeah, but I’m just a poor swedish worker with a high mortgage😜


Dude! Premium costs a little less than ONE beer a week. Drink a liiiiiitle less and jam more.
And that snus on your pic is four more weeks.


Do not go there! U do not wanna mess with the " snus " :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have few addictions, snus, msmx and Lego​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And Thats where u get your money. From me and all the other dads buying lego for their kids​:joy:


Plus! I’m still waiting for my track to come Alive on VS then i think i will get some free premium🤣


You get premium for that?

But your best bet is usually to hang out at the MSMX streams tuesdays and thursdays at around 21 CET at Beam.pro/onthefrontline for giveaways and allround good times. I’ll roll for you.


What!! I did not know that. Well i’ll be joining from now on​:joy::+1:


Thanks man😀


As you can reed It’s a month of premium if your track will be used😊


Maybe u should move our conversation to random ot smalltalk, we’re getting out of topic😜


I am NEVER off topic!


Ha ha :joy: No we just slided a bit on the subject :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m proud of THR. Even if I’m top 100, I’ll still be THR


Does anyone know what this team is zse is on?


Okay i just noticed a lot of former TCR members have that team tag now… I guess that’s the guys that got kicked out of TCR or decided to leave themselves?


What does it stand for? WFO? We Fell Off? I would like to say another word then Fell but It’s a “baaad” word :joy::joy: