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Well this game is probably the #1 export of Sweden, that and weapons for the Germans :joy: shady mofo’s


How can i play time attack or improve my time cause when i pick a track i get to the leaderboards and thats it.


This is gonna sound extremely sarcastic, but I’m being 100% serious.

Pick a time faster than yours and race them. Go to your state or area in the leaderboards to get a closer time.

Unless you mean like how do you race them, then the answer is this button.


Ye, i have that button to but i can’t set off Rockets even when the symbol is turned off now


Its working, was being tarded.

Thanks for the reply mate!


What happened to the team @THR_Birdshaw ?? How many left??


A few left. 90% stayed. Don’t worry about it.


Kipketer, Sick11111111, Mieszko, TheThing, Timpan9090, f1ftyone and Romer834 left thats all


Bleibe mein Team Treu.

Team mit C ist mir zu spießig.


I’m not worried or surprised.


When you can upgrade, you might as well, right? :wink:


Correct! I’ll get you upgraded right away.


I’ll fight you.



All caps tax


Yes sir lol everyone wants to be TCR. Especially if you’ve played the game a year or more.




I want to be in TCR in the same way I want to get my face bashed in with a skillet.


If everyone wants to join TCR… How on earth is there still a THR tag in front of my name after getting invited to TCR? :joy::joy::joy: not everyone wants it


i think same you