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Oh wait i don’t have that one and 2 for attempts haha… The wheelie i went to one of the uphills in jam track loot that is on this week… Let yourself roll down backwards and brake and just sort of hold that balance on the spot for 10 sec haha


I just slow wheelie and hold balance. I like stoppies on the game bc they’re so easy to balance, like if you get the right spot you can sit there forever lol


That’s sounds interesting. Can you upload a video, mate? Round will end soon.


I’ll see what i can do :slight_smile:️ haven’t had much success with screenrecorders in the past… Oh and i think it can be done on pretty much any downhill i just did it on loot sort of without really thinking about the achievements :grinning:


I got a good video of it with a working screenrecorder :joy: not home right now but when i get home tonight I’ll upload it :+1:


Let me know also :grinning:


Haha yeah I’ll just upload on YouTube and link it here so everyone can see :+1:


There ya go! For anyone who wants an easy way to get the 10 second wheelie achievement! :grinning: @THR_chykason_NG and @YZF_JLaRue4 in particular :grinning:


Nice! You play with the controls flipped?


Yeah i do :grinning: I’ve been called weird for that before :joy: i guess it’s because all of the other games i played before this one had the control layout like i do


Do you know a track where I can get 5 consecutive backflips. I’ve tried huge jumps. Ive tried hitting the back tire right to make it spin faster, like a backscrub too. I just can’t get it


I don’t really know to be honest… But if i remember correctly that achievement was broken :thinking:


Oh ok lol at first I thought it was because you were lefty or something


Easy peasy. Go to a huge jump, hit rocket to get more air. Then, backflip as many times as you like and hope for a safe landing. Thank me later. :smile:


Wow can’t believe I didnt think of this I never use rockets lol


Hype from the turborilla show!!! Guess who’s track is coming up next :smirk::smirk::smirk: that’s right your guessed it “Jones Bones” designed by @YZF_JLaRue4 and built by my main man @LesterWire get ready booyyyyssss


Yeah everyone blame @YZF_JLaRue4.


Haha dude I think you nailed it I was just wondering about the rhythm section before the quad my intent was that you had to get a nice or decent run in the rhythm section before the huge quad if you wanted to clear it but other than that you nailed it haha


I suck at rhythm sections. :joy:

But if you don’t get that bounce up to the on-offs, you aren’t making that quad. :sweat_smile:


Who else hates school