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wtf where is this background from??!?!?1


It’s from the August track pack which u can buy. Awesome! Called ghost town. :blush::+1:


oh thats cool!


Hurry up and buy it. It’s 12 totally awesome tracks. Best ever! :smiley:


@JamesA let me explain what went wrong in the plan for a div 2 competition :joy: my laptop has been broken for a while, for some reason it’s working again now, so i could finally play rocket league again after a looooong time… Now instead of trying to beat you i just decided to race some cash and versus and play rocket league :joy: sorry i let you down in our battle :cry::joy:


Maybe just maybe if i feel like it i might do a few more runs tonight to see if i can get close to you :joy: can pretty much guarantee you i won’t beat you though @JamesA


Really worth it


Hey Sam @TSR_Mecias_EC, que has dicho del record de Millan Ludeña?

For those who don’t know, Millan Ludeña from ecuador, today achieved the second part (and guiness record) of his goal, the deepest underground half marathon distance run, (-4000 meters below sea level in a mine in south africa, on monday) to the closest to the sun half marathon (in chimborazo,Ecuador, as discussed previously in other thread, the closest point to the sun on the earth surface) today(thursday). More than 10000 meters eevation difference… and according to his fb post he arrive a bit sick from southafrica to ecuador, he achieved it non the less.

I’m lucky enough to have met him, we were in the same university, (a boarding college).


Um can anybody explain to me the esports on djauzzis screen in his video? I don’t have that on my mad skills home screen maybe its just for the fast guys or maybe just for cash jam idk can somebody please help?


Kinda like how I don’t have the hd choice. Maybe certain things or certain phones


Esports is a big thing in gaming. Idk


It’s the cash stuff


@JoeW723 i haven’t gotten the track pack for September even though it says that it’s payed for and I have payed for it. But it doesn’t show up in the track pack menu. I’ve tried to contact support in the game several days ago. But have gotten no answer yet. Can you help me please? :smiley:


If you haven’t received it then your subscription probably ended or your credit card didn’t go through. Try to hit the shopping cart icon in the monthly track pack menu. That should refresh it if your subscription is still active.
You on iOS or Android? If you’re on Android send me your google email and I’ll look up your account and see if it is still active.


Yay😀 it worked by clicking the shopping cart. Much obliged.
Thx/ Jogga.


I’m on iOS btw :+1:


Okay super random question… Does anyone have all the achievements in msmx2? I was just wondering cause I just got myself the 8 and 10 second wheelie achievements and now I’m only missing 3 of the achievements for the amount of attempts :grinning:


All I need is the stupid attempts in jam like 500,000 and 1,000,000 I think


How did you do the 5 consecutive backflips?


And the 10 second wheelie?