Random OT smalltalk from various threads


Cool real live version of madskills bike rocket: https://twitter.com/actualidadrt/status/892537000909316096


Darn it I cracked my phone :worried: I hope I can still throw down number 1 times in my country


Dude, @LesterWire was that meant to happen or 110% luck on calico climb


It was on purpose. Haha @THR_chykason_NG found it. I copied it.




August track pack


@JLaRue4 yeah what @THR_KingT72 said. If you haven’t subscribed, do it. They’re always worth it.




Holy hell! I nosewheelied and overjumped so bad i lost time and ended up 3:rd in the world on giddy up :joy::joy:
In my defens. It was my 4:th run on the track :hugs:


Thats how it was with me it was either I was casing it or over jumping. Finally got a good time though


https://youtu.be/txzVoQ8z8IM please tell me you guys have seen this video




That nose wheelie is my fav. :joy:


Yeah Thats a sweet spot on that track :smiley:


This dudes got it going




Don’t know where else to put this… I was gonna check out some replays like usual to see if the tracks looked any fun before playing them later on… Problem is there are no tracks :thinking: what’s going on here? :joy: @JoeW723


There seems to be an issue with this weeks jam


That was my bad. It’s fixed now.