Random OT smalltalk from various threads


A supercross main event used to be 20laps


Yeah the recent change is really confusing lol


If anyone knows what your trying to say​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


well they should


I hate this track :joy:


What track is that




9 laps is just crazy


I take back my previous statement. Was confused. :joy:


I just realized in the update the front number plate finally matches with the back ones so if you have black its black too now and white its all white


I’m done grinding the games so I figured I would come ou and grind real life


Nice bike you got there


Thanks I got 2 identical ones


Honda 450?


Honda crf150 and crf250(in the picture) man a 450 to much for me I’m only 13 and weigh 125. 450 is like a beast that needs to be tamed @JLaRue4


Oh Haha didn’t know my dad has a yamaha yzf 450 2016 its pretty beast


We have our own track too at the farm, its called hell track lol




Anyone else have a turborilla or $#@!* restart shirt. I gotta get one


Cool new background on August track pack