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Just for a thought! What do you guys think of an ‘Endurance Jam Week’? :thinking:


Yeah i would like it a lot… And i know @syclone0182 would absolutely love it :joy: i doubt everyone would like it though so maybe like make 1 of the tracks endurance and the other one normal so you don’t have to play endurance only if that’s not your thing :slight_smile:




If you are going to do an endurance jam. I’d like to suggest rather than doing say 10 laps of the same track, like they do in cash jam practice, paste together 1 lap from 10 different tracks or just make a unique long single track.


It sounds fun when you say it like this… But imagine having to remember over 10 minutes of jumps rythm sections and slowdowns… I can imagine that wouldn’t be the most pleasant thing :sweat_smile:


Have you seen ZSE743 on some of the long career tracks, he would do just fine😂. There would be a wide variety of times. Also of it was me I would run the first lap great, scubs, perfect lines. Them would run the rest of the race average joe😬


That’s the fun part…:smile:


Yeah see but that’s with multiple laps… That’s not hard… I would do just fine on that too cause that’s just doing the same thing multiple times in a row… But what rahuah suggested was a completely unique track, which means that nothing would be repeated so you need to completely remember the whole 10+ minutes track instead of just doing 1 section multiple times


Oh I understand what your saying now


It would be like a harescramle/endure race


For the ppl who wouldn’t like it sorry but you are playing madskills mx key word madskills😂


I thought Mad Skills meant, anger management don’t frisbee the phone skills. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No it only makes it worst😜


He would do fine on a single invisible 10 minute lap using tilt controls. Doesnt make it fun for the rest of us.


Fuck that shit!!! Endurance is laaaaaame


*you think endurance is lame… Just so you know, not everyone shares your opinions


I like endurance but I would hate an endurance jam. I don’t have time to grind 7 minutes tracks like that. :joy:


Make it the last bonus track which is usually the hardest to unlock and beat in a monthly track pack


How bout a 5 lapper