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I’ll do that, I dont mind racing faster guys :slight_smile:

Bryan, yep Im a late bloomer :smiley:

Thats actually how I became a lot better so thats a good idea. I assume the same thing goes for most players :slight_smile:

Since Versus arrived in the game I started racing guys I had no chance of beating what so ever.
They wheelied their way passing me and “scrubbed” all the jumps and I thought they had a cheating controll or something, lol :smiley:
But I learned a ton from them!
Nowadays Im able to do like that myself, hence level 100 :slight_smile:
Many hours of practicing and cursing!

Yep same here, got whooped all the time at first but kept grinding away and started beating the same guys, got quite a few “xxxx has removed this challange” after a while lol


Welcome! I went to the Valkenswaard GP many years ago. I had a great time, but I can’t for the life of me remember who won it. I’ve been to too many races to keep up with that. I also saw Valentino Rossi win a race in Assen, which I’ll always be glad to have witnessed. I love the Netherlands and hope to go back soon.

Stick around this board, man – you’ll be able to influence what we do with our next MX game if you do.

must have been a long long time ago, you must be real old if you don’t remember lol. Naa I don’t even remember who won at the Motocross GP in Assen last year and that was the best GP I ever been to at the famous moto GP circuit, still nothing compared to going to the motocross of nations where I will attend to if Coldenhoff Herlings and Pootjes stay healthy. stay healthy… Pootjes had surgery on sunday after his crash in qatar but he will be back at Valkenswaard for sure! good to have a Rossi Fan in here! we better don’t talk about it toh 2015 still hurts :cry: + there might be some marquez fans on here &I’m not looking for trouble :innocent:. making me curious about the next MX game!

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You guys talking about Motocross brought me back to my youth when I raced in Oregon at Clark’s Branch Motocross in Roseburg. The last year I raced (1981) I placed fourth in a Yamaha Gold Cup race. The three riders that beat me all went on to be AMA Motocross Champions. Jeff Ward, Eirc Kehoe, and I think it was David Bailey. Oh, to be young and do it all again…

Another MX game? Possibly coming soon? :yum:

Un … no. Not soon at all. We’ve only just started development, and we have big plans that will take time. It’s going to be a good while. :slight_smile:

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Oh okay, that’s great that there is a new one in the works! I understand that it takes a long time to completely create a new game.

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Or they had some extra time adapting while they beta tested the bike… haha

I know, just bustin on @DEFTEK67 is all

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Wasting your time @Romer834. I dont give a rats ass what you or anyone else says. So, maybe try saying something with a positive tone or something that might be useful to someone rather than putting more negative energy into the atmosphere.
Seriously, I had no way of knowing that when I unlocked the bike that I wasnt supposed to use it. If there had been any kind of notification requesting that, I certainly would have redpected the wishes of the developers. So, if all you have to do is attempt to make me feel bad or think I was cheating on purpose then you need to focus your childish attention elsewhere. You can make yourself feel better by helping someone or doing a good thing instead of being a dick! Thats my gift to you. Merry Christmas…

Easy there @DEFTEK67 it was only a joke, no need to take it so hard. I do appreciate the gift though, that was mighty thoughtful of you. Merry Christmas to you as well, buddy! I had no idea you actually raced the new bike in the jam, nor did I care. And quite honestly for someone who does not care what other people say, you sure have a funny way of showing it. Anyways, I would love to hang out on the forum all day and have a battle of wits with you, but you appear to be unarmed… Back to reality-land for this guy. Cheers! :beers:


Hey, @Romer834 you really ought to find another person to try to get under the skin of. Your comment about a battle of wits and my being unarmed was pretty funny. The intellect it took to come up with such an original (not) line just amazed me. Maybe since you are such a wise guy you ought to write a joke book. You might try using your own original lines though. Anytime you want to play or take an actual test and compare scores I would be happy to match wits with you. We could start out with Applied Theory of Calculus or Analytical Algebraic equations? Any subject at all.
I personally enjoy being the “devil’s advocate” and at times use sarcasm and rhetorical questions to have a little fun. Nothing more enjoyable than good word play. Have a good one. Challenge me in Vs. We might be able to help,each other instead of making asses of ourselves on the forum… Lol

Hey @DEFTEK67 my in game name is THR_Romer834 and I would love to race you in vs. but I cannot seem to find you. I find it hard to believe that you use sarcasm and rhetorical questions for fun, when that is in fact what my comment about beta testing bike 11 was… Any who, if i do make a joke book will you be on the cover for me?

@DEFTEK67 @Romer834

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Has anyone noticed that the turborilla logo looks like the turboman logo in the movie " jingle all the way"?? Tuuurrboo power!




@tobias you got some explaining to do :joy:

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Hahaha! What. The. F?