Quickplay or Jam?


We in the development team have been toying around with the idea of completely removing Quickplay and instead give out new cash rewards in Jam. Besides the daily rewards in Jam, we’d give rewards every time you play Jam and try to improve your record time.

What do you guys think about that?

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I honestly like the idea!!! I don’t play quickplay at all!!! After maxing our bike 7 I quit playing it cause I didn’t need the cash for bike upgrades!!! I think jam rewards would be awesome!!! Especially if the is a possibility of podium rewards!!! Like extra cash for placing in 1st, 2nd, 3rd!!! I think that would get more people into jams!!!

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I like the sound of that, how would the whole system work? Would cash/xp be rewarded per win? Can see exploit possibilties similar to the ones we had during testing, eg. Racing the slowest possible time for max reward sort of thing. Would be more incentive for people to grind away in jam, plus it opens up a spot for a possible vs setup?? :blush:.


Sounds great to me!

@THR_TacoBandito How I interpret it is that you’d get the same amount regardless of win/loss. With a bigger reward only if you improve? Might be totally wrong though :crazy_face:

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I used quick play early on to try and level my bikes up but now I haven’t gone back into it in a while.

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