Question About Quickplay


I used to play MSBMX 2 like 2 years ago. I took a kind of long hiatus because my android phone just couldn’t run the game that well anymore, however I recently reinstalled it on my new iphone, but I had to start over again, no big deal.

I remember quick play rewards for hard being more than $60 though. I 100% the campaign, and all challenges (rocket and backflip) , hit level 30 but I’m only on bike #6. It’s pretty hard to earn money now that I’ve done the campaign, all challenges and started competing in Jams. Does quickplay’s reward increase or is that no longer a thing anymore?

Appreciate any help.

Well since there was a new update not too long ago, they lowered the prices on items that cost gold, so since that happened the also lowered amounts of cash you get from races, so they lowered it in quick play, jam, career, and premium tracks. Hope this helps my guy.

// Cxlid

Hi Cxlid Im H20_Daniel i dont want to go your team anymore because my account was ban:( im sorry im quiting.