Profile Crash after hard restart due to battery problems


i made a Versus match these days, won it, but my phone hard-crashed within the upload screen because i have some battery problems on my N5.

When i opened Morocross 2 next time, i had to reconnect through google and it seems like my whole profile crashed.
First of all: The game showed me all the achivements again (lasted a while :D)

In Shop

  • i got again the offer to remove advertisement if i buy anything (which i already did)
  • i only have bike #1, bike 3 seems to be buyable
  • all other things (except Red Bull helmet) is available (numbers, colors etc)

My career has the right state, meaning i have 83/84 tracks finished, 81/84 aced etc

Jam and Versus is of course not playable with bike #1

i deinstalled and reinstalled the game - result in the same situation.

Any ideas?
GameAccout is Nightmare977, OS is android 6 on Nexus 5


@JoeW723 @Bryan

Did you forward my topic with this post?

I hope they get the notification, they now how to deal with stuff like this :slight_smile:

That’s really weird. I looked at your account and all your bikes were gone. I’ve never seen that before.

I added all the bikes back and the Red Bull helmet. If it happens again let me know. Maybe try logging in with another social media account as backup? Not sure if that will help, but maybe worth a try.

If you need any additional help please let me know.

Hi Joe,

I am back on track, Thank you!

Last Thing is that i havent got some small archivements (See Screen), but i dont Care, Can remain like this.

Thanks again!

EDIT: Of course i would care if an 11th Bike is planned :wink:

If this creates a problem when bike 11 comes out just let me know, but I don’t think it will.

Thanks to Kipketer and Joe!