Premium rounds not given


Hi, im Travis and I would like to know of I can get my premium rounds. I just purchased ten weeks of premium rounds they came through and I got them then I went and purchased two sets of 3 weeks and I didn’t get them. I have already payed for them so I was wondering if someone can give them to me or what the problem is?


Nevermind it all came through just took alittle longer than usual maybe because my plan is on saftey mode so its slow


Well following this up I won a giveaway 2 days ago for 5 premium weeks can somebody give me them?


It was from the turborilla show on youtube


Comment on the video where they said you won them… That’s what they also said in the show itself :grinning:


Ok i did that though


Yeah its been like 5 days now and no response from anywhere guess ill just wait out this jam week without premium Haha hope I get my prize soon though


Maybe they’ll start you out fresh on a new week so you have it all week


I fixed it. I gave you six to make up for lost time.


Thanks man


You da best