Poor game performance, lag and low FPS


Yes you are right :ok_hand:


I play o Android via Galaxy Note 4 and LG Escape 3 and have no issues with lag other than occasionally with the Note 4 in HD…


When you first play, its silky smooth until you reset a few times then the framerate drops dramatically and it feels like there is latency on the inputs. If you exit back out to the leaderboard and start again it will be smooth for a lap or 2 then go back to being laggy. The winter background made it 10 times worse, its back to normal lag which is annoying but still playable most of the time.

iPhone 7 Plus 64GB, no background apps, no battery saver feature, siri off, notifications off, icloud off, basically disabled everything I could think of and it didn’t make any difference. Been like this for years over several generation of iPhones hardware and software.