Poor game performance, lag and low FPS


Not possible. All my friends who play madskills (about 17) all have lag issues. Even with android phone.


Im serious. Other than the VERY occational dropped frames I have no issues.


I have always played on Android (Sony phone) without any lag troubles.

Two weeks ago I got my hands on an iPhone 5 and its laggy every now and then.
Madskills Motocross 2 is the only app installed


WWith me hangs and hooks it already weeks the game
Can bad times a clean round drive


Was there some changes made tonight a few hours ago? Because all of a sudden the game is unplayable on my ipad mini 2, once you get up to speed it looks like a stop motion picture and bike seems to move one lenght at the time. This is a real issue for me now as its impossible to be competetive in cash games.


Nope, we haven’t released anything that would change the game since the beginning of January


I’ve been on a iPhone 6S for over a year now and haven’t had any problems like @THR_Birdshaw had said. I don’t know what’s going on, maybe it’s outside environments other then the game though. If we are playing on similar devices with different results, I wouldn’t suspect the game itself.


The lagging is very intense now, on my part. I can’t seem to compete again since I keep looping over.

I closed all apps and still put my phone on Flight Mode after loading the race. Problem still persists.


I wish I had an extra phone that I could give you… No one should need to play the game on a phone with broken file system and a battery that never reaches above 3% :confused:



Multiply that 3 by 10. Lol. Check this out :wink:


Im glad to see you back on the leaderboards, did you switch to Android or your problems got solved?



When will finally will be an update released concerning heavy lags and poor fps? Game is now really unplayable! iPhone 7 here.
U get eye cancer when playing … not funny to have to play like that!


Eye cancer?! You seriously gonna bring that into this? I mean cancer takes lives… A bit of lag in a game obviously doesn’t :expressionless: also i am playing on an Android phone that’s like 2 years old and i barely ever have lag… I doubt it’s only the game that’s causing it


We only said eye cancer earlier as we played counter strike. Sometimes there were lags too so heavy that your eyes hurt. I know what cancer is. My mother has.
It shouldn’t be funny from me but it’s just frustrating that I can’t show my talent because of the lags. I always was 1st from my country - every week. But for several weeks I always lose because I can’t play like I am able to :frowning:


The game shouldnt be thaat laggy. If it is then i doubt the update will fix it, hopefully it will improve it though. Btw it sounds like there might be a problem with your device :thinking:
Would be interesting to know if other games are acting up too.

We don’t have an official deadline for it but I hope I’ll be able to release it within a month


I also played real racing…this game is more on fps than MadSkillsMX and I have to say that there were no lags-seriously no lags. I also hope that with coming update the game will be playable again for me. It’s really frustrating - I always was number 1 but now I have got no chance :frowning:


You play on an iOS device, right?
in iOS 9 Apple introduced some battery saving features. I think this issue started to show up around that time so maybe it’s a connection there (but hard to tell)

  • Is your device in Low Power Mode? (If it is, try disable it: iPhone settings -> Battery -> disable Low Battery Mode)
  • When it starts to lag, is your device hot?
  • are you charging your device when it starts to lag?
  • If you place your device on a pack of ice for a while, do you get less lag? (Careful so you don’t get water in it though)
  • as always, try to close background apps. You can see which apps draws the most juice in the battery settings menu.


Thanks for the tips. I already know them ;). I got iPhone 6 and 7 and both lag as hell.
No background apps - and it doesn’t matter if flight mode is on or off. There is no difference.
My device was hot while playing real racing but never on mad skills.
It just feels like fps drops like I know in counter strike. It feels the same way :frowning:


I asked the questions in the list to get more info about the issue not as tips. But I guess your response to them are: no, no not really, no, and no.