Poor game performance, lag and low FPS


I did have a ton of VS games sitting so I deleted all but 2 of them, that was an excellent suggestion but it doesnt seem to have changed anything.


@hyarion I think it has been worse since the new winter backgrounds, its always been there going to quite a long time on all the backgrounds but it was annoying but tolerable. It’s gotten a lot worse recently, so either that or version changes to IOS or the game itself. My normal iPhone 6S has the same problems as my 6S plus and 7 Plus though.

My iPad mini 2 drops framerate but it doesnt feel like the input is affected the same as the iPhone, on the iPhone when it starts getting bad the input has issues too so it responds sluggishly. On the iPad when it drops frame rate it still feels pretty normal and I can play though it decently.

Maybe some options to be able to disable backgrounds or the dirt kicking up could help. I’m not running the HD graphics either, I reinstalled and canceled it when it attempted, but it seems to be identical with or without the HD graphics.


I’ll bring this up on the next planning meeting.


I have had lags till the first day i started playing (playing madskills 2 since release). I had lags on my iPhone 4, 5, 5s, 6 and now iPhone 7. On my new phone there are no apps installed. Only MS2 and though it is lagging as hell ;(
Especially since changing the Background to winterwonderland :wink:



I’ve had lag issues since day 1 as well, and on multiple devices. I have used the iPhone 4 and several android devices in that time. Currently on the Google Nexus 5x and my brother has the same issue on his Samsung Galaxy S6.

It always seems to start out working flawlessly for me, but after 10-30 minutes or so, the lag starts showing up. If I completely close down the app and start it up again, it usually goes away, but will rear its ugly head again shortly.


Dang man where u gettin all these phones? Lol


Mine lags alll the time too it sucks, i’m just kinda used to it now I guess haha im on an Iphone 6s


Pretty strong to stay in the world top3 week after week when your phone lags :smile:
Thats mad skills right there!


He IS the world top three…


Not bad eh :wink:


As weird as it sounds, when I have music playing from my Google Play app (at half volume now since HSD came out) the lag seems to disappear almost completely.


Listen up guys. The Kudla has the solution! Play that funky music white boy🎶
That is seriously wierd!
I still think it’s wierd that all y’all are having issues alltogether tho. I have zero.


Maybe it functons as handicap :smile:


Must be nice :joy: its hard to make the top 1500 when your front wheel has a boat anchor attached to it. Then it changes and feels like your front wheel is a paper weight lol I never know what the game has in store but I grind through it.


The game is unplayable on my iPhone 7 Plus, it is even worse than it was on my 6S Plus. It used to start out ok and degrade, now its just shit all the time.

This is the reason I quit, I can’t play the game anymore. Until the devs actually give a shit and make some changes to improve performance theres just no point in playing. Gameplay should always take priority over graphics, it seems they are more interested in HD backgrounds than in a game that doesnt play like a piece of shit.


Guys seriously: am I the only person who has hardcore lag issues??? Today it is really heavy. I just slap my phone because I had massive lags and I was on a fast lap to beat my best time —> lag and crash. Thx for nothing :joy::joy::joy:
Seriously, I played on
iPhone 4 - lag
iPhone 5 and 5s - lag
iPhone 6 - heavy lags
iPhone 7 - lag
And it doesn’t matter if I play on flight mode, 3G, LTE or WLAN. Lags are always there. Enough space on iPhone too. There are just 4 apps that are installed.
That is not making any fun :cry:



That sounds really really bad, and seeing Lorky say goodbye for good is just sad.
I wish things will get better, and I also wish that I never get these kind of problems :confused:


Yeah like Lorky said: too much pressure in making backgrounds etc than in game performance. Game performance is the most important thing.
The best game with best graphic is nothing when it is lagging as hell :cry:
Maybe a publisher can give a comment if they are working on game performance. Over 2 years I am playing with that issues and it isn’t fixed yet.


I still don’t know what’s going on.
4s, 5s, 6s 7, and iPad 4… no lag.


Yeah I hear ya! I would be a lot better at jam racing if it wasn’t for the lag obstacle. what pisses me off the most is when my lean forward buttun doesn’t work or my bike just flips backward on its own like someone else has control of it. :joy: this only happens when I’m putting down an awesome run.