Poor game performance, lag and low FPS

Does anyone else have just horrible performance in the game most of the time? When i first start it will be silky smooth feels like 60fps and is super responsive, within a minute it just goes to total garbage dropping to what I would guess is as low as sub 20fps. The input is lagged and it basically is unplayable, I’m on an iPhone 6S plus so i have plenty of power to run this game easily. I’ve been having this problem for a long time and it has gotten worse recently and I am almost on the verge of quitting because of it.


Yes Im getting the same thing, think I have an old thread on the same topic.
With bike 11 I kinda feel the lag is worse as long as the hsd is unreleased, once it pops game runs smoother. Maybe thats just in my head tho.
Im on android and for me its way worse when Im playing on my phone(s), when playing on a tablet its almost always smooth.

I have an iPhone 6s Plus as well. Used to have a lot of stuttering frame rate issues too but I have noticed that since one of the recent iOS updates (not sure exactly which one but right now using 10.1.1) and NOT using the HD Graphics Pack, the game runs very smooth. I still have an issue with touch control response time being just slightly off which makes the game frustrating to play. And at this point I think it is an Apple hardware issue with Retina. I don’t know how to better explain it other than the simple fact that neither of my Apple devices respond with the same level of control that I see others on the leader board are able to achieve. The game deals a lot of random situations that need split second reaction to, traction, acceleration bursts, trajectory variations and random bounces. It’s one thing to know when you’ve missed your timing but another when you definitely know you, even repeatedly, pushed the frikn’ buttons on time.

Mine has been doing that since day 1 of playing this game. Also freezes up on me more lately. The other night I beat my jam time by almost 2seconds, then my phone froze an erased it. Haven’t been able to do that run again. Bike 11 just started cutting out on me like I ran out of gas.

It has definitely been doing it for a long time on multiple generations of iPhone but it has gotten worse, there are times where I can barely play. I don’t run the HD graphics pack, and nothing I’ve done makes any difference from closing all apps, disabling location services, background app refresh, airplane mode, fresh game install, fresh reboot, newly imaged phone.

It is SOOO fucking bad most of the time.

Odd. I’m using a crap filled, busted ass 6s and I almost never have any issues.

I’ll second that. My young nephew play the game WITH the HD pack installed on his 3 year old ipad wich is completely filled with shit.
It runs perfect

Yeah, but neither of those devices are the 6s Plus.

Update 10.2.0 got pushed to my devices last night. Haven’t had the chance to try it yet but hopfully the aren’t taking steps backwards with it.

Thats true ofc… My reply was more like an input to Lorky who said that it was kinda the same issue on multiple generations of iPhones.

Im no iOs guy, I’ve always been on Android so Im not sure my comparison between iPhones and iPads even are legit :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for letting us know.
I know our game is a bit demanding but I honestly thought that it would solve it self when new devices was released (newer devices => more power => less problems).
I’ll keep this in mind, thanks

Hey man here’s a tip I came across a while back that has worked well for me. It can only be done in JAM. What you do is load up your race, whoever you want to race, whatever, load it up… then disable your network. If you disable both data and WiFi, you should get less studdering. For me, this helps a lot. So yeah, give it a shot. Then when you get that good lap, re-enable your network and go back to the leaderboards and it will reload.

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Yeah a lot happens in the background for mobile devices. We’ve tried to make sure that we don’t do anything in the background during gameplay but other apps might.
I know that at least skype and facebooks messenger has been quite power hungry even when in background.
So it doesn’t hurt closing other apps if you have a problem (or enable airplane mode)

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This has nothing to do with background applications, I run the game with no other apps running, background app refresh disabled, siri disabled, lots of other stuff disabled. Airplane mode while racing Jam made no difference for me either.

Just because it isn’t the case for you doesn’t mean that it is for others. But I get what you’re saying and I understand that it is an issue for you.
I know that it is a resource hungry game and that it sometimes (often caused by os background tasks) spikes through the roof and causes a lag. That said I’ll try to find some time to look into the issue again. It sure would be nice if I could make it a bit less demanding (cannot promise anything though)

And as always, thanks for reporting it as an issue

I’m assuming theres no way to enable a FPS counter or datalogging so we could send you some useful data, is there anything we can do to help.

It’s a real heisenbug, the more you try to measure it, the more it alters its behavior. So I’m not sure what data would be good to profile the issue. I have some ideas that might make it better… Not sure on the time schedul though. Feel free to bug me about it though :wink:

I think lag issue is mainly device and storage related as well as background activity of bloatware and apps left open or browser pages open in background. I use a crappy Android snapdragon processored LG pos. With all closed and clean start theres no lag. The phones they got are way, way more advanced and tons more memory…

No there is something clearly wrong with the iPhone coding of this game, it runs horribly on every device I have tried including iPhone 4S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Mini 2. I used to play the game on a Galaxy S4 active 3-4 years ago and it ran it perfectly.

These newer devices have several times the necessary power to run this acceptably yet they run as poorly as a 5 generation old device. I have a brand new iPhone 7 Plus with the ONLY thing on it as Madskills MX2 and it runs horribly choppy and laggy. Fresh from apple, only application installed it Madskills, same performance issues as device loaded with apps.

I dont know anything about coding or how apps are built, but you seem to have more issues then most others. Do you have a shit ton of Vs games going on? Im thinking those might cause a lot of background activity in game. Does that make any sense @hyarion?

@THR_VonKasta We don’t have anything running in the background when playing.
@THR_LorkyMX2 does it work better with the mountain background than the winter one? I guess it could be a fill rate issue since you use Plus devices