Poor FPS, micro freezes


No problem…
See you out on the track.



I quit. I can’t do it. I cannot play this game with the constant stutter. One second it’s fine for a couple races. The next it’s unplayable when you’re trying to compete for a high spot on leaderboard. This was my ritual every night before bed and I really do love the game and sad to see it go but I’m tired of just being frustrated with it after weeks of having this issue. I have a friend who plays that experiences the same problem so it’s not my phone. Hopefully it’s figured out soon but for now I’m out.


I hear your frustration man… and lived it for a great while. It seemed to mostly clear up for me. I have an iPhone Xs now but even now when I fire up my old 7 (which was my main and only BMX2 device for a year) it seems to be almost non-existent. With your Xr I can’t imagine it’s hardware related at this point plus it ran smooth on your X… you still have the X?

Does your friend play on an iPhone as well or Android?

Since I do not have any direct affiliation with Turborilla (only a player like yourself) I can’t take it any further. I guess by listing my observations and ideas above I had hoped that their staff would look into a bit.

From their side of it… if they don’t have any direct experience with the issue it might be difficult for them to troubleshoot unless it has become an epidemic. I had brought this exact issue up in the past but nothing ever came of it.


Did the freezing issue happen right away on the Xr or could it of coincided with a new version release of the game…?


I play both games on iphone 7plus and the shutter stuff happens more i feel when I go to another app n come back to the game after I x out the commercials, on bmx2 I can’t play with the battery saver on at all cause of the stutters, but with it off it only shutters really when I get going pretty fast, but still that when your doing the best… I don know bout android though Cruz my phone is an old Samsung j3 and it stutters constantly and can no way time the jumps or pumps right, I have to play on my wife’s iphone


Also I notice it less f I do a clear reset on the phone, am iphone stupid but just learned how, hold the power bttn and the volume down bttn at same time till the apple screen comes back on then let off


Hi guys,
We are very sorry this is destroying your experience to the degree you want to stop playing.

I am here to try to fix this problem once and for all. I realize I am very late to the party and I apologize for that.

I think that some input from you guys would help me a lot along the way, so if you don’t mind could you give me some thoughts on the following questions.
1: Is this related to the Forest background or is it a problem on all backgrounds?
2: Is this related to Jam or is it a problem in career and VS mode as well?
3: Is this a IOS issue or do you know anyone that have this problem on Android?
4: Have this been a problem from the start or did it happen along the way? (I see we did an optimization pass in oktober 2018, could this update be the culprit?)

I appreciate all the help I can get from you guys!

Edit: If you are beta testers please try playing the game with the FPS counter on (toggled from BETA menu) and see what your min, max and average fps are when you feel it stuttering.


I will keep better tabs on all your bullet points going forward…
I am a BETA tester but recently changed devices and my new one is not registered in HockeyApp.
I sent a request through the app itself but it needs to be approved by another party.
Bear already forwarded my device change to the appropriate parties but thought it might not happen at this time.

  1. I can’t say 100% if it’s related to a specific background. I don’t think so because this has been an ongoing issue since I got this phone around a month ago.
  2. I will run some races other than jam mode and get back to you on this.
  3. The only other person I know to have this issue has an iPhone. I tried to play briefly on a temporary android phone I had and it was unplayable, granted, it was an older phone (galaxy s4, I think).
  4. I used to play on an iPhone X and it ran fine 95% of the time. On my iPad it started having issues and I was advised to uninstall and reinstall and that fixed the issue up to date. I got a brand new iPhone XR, unboxed it, installed the game, and it was instantly unplayable. I’ve tried uninstall, reset, closing apps in background, locking automatic screen rotation, turning off background services, over WiFi, over cell coverage, plugged into charger, etc. etc. etc.
    every now and then it decides to work like a champ and I can get a few runs in. But then the next time I open game or while I’m still in game it will randomly be terrible again.
    It’s not always unplayable but it still hurts my times.
    Sometimes it mini-freezes as I’m starting race and going down ramp and I have to reset over and over till it doesn’t and I seem to get somewhat of a smooth run.

Hope this helps.


Not a minute after my last message I opened the game, which had been open in background for over an hour and it was running smooth as ever. After the 3rd or so restart about halfway through race started to get mini freezes every now and then. Playable, still annoying. But yeah I’m getting about halfway through race till I get small freezes.


Hi thanks for the help!

While searching for the problem I now have three more questions I hope you (or any one really) could give me your thoughts on.
1: could this be related to speed? Does it only lag when going fast or does it lag more when going fast?
2: Is it noticeable for the average person or do you guys only notice it because you are so good at the game? In other words are the lag spikes very obvious?
3: Is the problem that you generally get low fps or is it running fine with some freeze lags every now and then?


Beta testers that have this problem. Please make sure you did not put shadow quality on High.
This can be done through the beta menu and it is quite demanding.
But no phone should get this setting by default so for non beta users this should not be a problem.


Apologies for the late response.

  1. I know this won’t be of much help but it really just decides when it wants to act like this. Sometimes the second I start the race it is instant lag/freezes. Sometimes when I’m going really fast. Occasionally I will start a race and it will be terrible but I’ll keep going just to see what happens and then it clears up after a few seconds. It’s really strange and seems completely random.
  2. The microfreezes that happen most of the time are no longer a HUGE issue, but still annoying, the average person might not notice. But the FPS drops they would DEFINITELY notice. The fps drops low enough to where one might think they are watching a stop-motion video.
  3. The mini-freezing is the biggest issue I think. It’s beginning to become hard to tell if it’s a freeze or just low fps haha it’s all a blur.

I’m going to try and capture video of the gameplay on my phone so you can see what I am dealing with. If I can’t post it here I will post in the discord.



Downright unplayable again. Making me nauseous just trying to. Cheers to another night of frustration. Think I might take a break for a while. Glad I’m stuck with this brand new latest and greatest phone and can’t even play the only game that’s ever been fun on a phone. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. Just can’t keep getting so close to 1st countless times and not being able to get over the hump due to the constant micro freezes and FPS drops.