Poor FPS, micro freezes

Hey all,

I’ve always played this game on my iPhone X and it has always ran super smooth. I got a new phone over the weekend and this is not the case anymore. I got an iPhone XR (which even has the beefier processor in it) and have been unable to play the game without the FPS dropping to what seems like 1 and it freezing for a split second every other second. I haven’t had a single smooth run with this new phone. It’s a brand new phone. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled MSBMX2. Tried with sounds off, battery saver, and basically everything I know of to try.
The same happened on my iPad a while back but uninstalling and reinstalling fixed the issue.

Anyone else experience this issue? Is there a fix?


What iOS version are you using? What game version? Do you have any cover or the like that might increase the temperature?

iOS 12.1.2
MSBMX2 version 2.0.5
No cell phone case as of yet.
I noticed it helped a small amount to disable a bunch of background app refresh settings. But I never had to do that on my iPhone X. And this new iPhone XR has the faster processor.

I can play well enough to get decent times in jam sessions with the mini freezes but when you’re fighting to stay in the top 5 in world, those mini freezes kill.
What happens a lot is I’ll start the race and it will be running decently smooth (still not at all what it should be) mess up on a jump or something and hit restart and sometimes the second I restart it will drop FPS and the faster I go and more happening on screen the lower it drops, so I’ll restart again and again until I get a start that is smoother and it runs decent for that race. Just odd that restarting the race temporarily fixes it enough to race but still not smooth.

Could you try exiting to the jam menu and then going back into the game?

I apologize for the late response. I’ve tried that with no luck. Every now and then I’ll get a couple good runs. But for the most part its almost unplayable.

Does the phone feel uncomfortably hot to hold? I don’t know where the CPU/GPU is on the iPhone XR, but on the normal iPhone X, between the camera and the Apple logo gets warm to the touch.

Sadly I couldn’t reproduce any sort of slowdown or choppyness on the iPhone X, even if I wrapped the phone in a blanket to really remove any ability for the phone to cool down. I gave it 30 minutes and while the phone got hot, it wasn’t enough to cause issues.

The phone gets a little warm at times but not enough to cause an issue I’d think. My old iPhone X got hot all the time and it ran the game smoothly. This is the iPhone XR I have now. I’ve literally tried everything I was asked and could think of with no luck. Last night I managed to get a few smooth races in with decent FPS, still micro freezes though. All day today again it’s just unplayable.

I have noticed that if I turn on battery saver within game settings its a constant fps loss. If that matters.

What iOS version are you using? Have you restarted the phone in the past week?

iOS 12.1.2
I restarted the phone a few times.

I have somewhat of an update for you. I’m not sure if it was the phone restart just magically worked this time or what but I ran a “network reset” just for kicks and it auto-restarted my phone to do so and the game started running ALOT better. It’s not what it should be and would still like to fix it but it’s definitely playable now. I’d say 7-10 runs are playable (still have micro freezes though, but decent fps) whereas before it was maybe 3-10. And I don’t know if I notice it more because the track is more technical or faster or something but it seems to be a lot worse on this weeks jam track “Splintered”

Annnd it’s unplayable again. It’s been hit or miss and I managed to be able to play for about a day. Now it’s crap again. Whether it’s the phone or what, im not even being able to really play the game much. It’s been real, msbmx2.

I have had the same issue a lot… iPhone 7 (almost stopped playing at one point) and now iPhone Xs (not nearly as bad but still happens).

  • I do not believe it is a hardware issue but is the way the phone OS plays the downloaded file of the opponent.
  • I think the download goes fine because sometimes it plays fine and then the freezes come in to play.

My question to Turborilla would be…
Once the opponent run is downloaded to your local device, how long does the file stay?
Until the app is shut down?
Or when another download for the same track is downloaded?

Do we know if this happens on the Android OS?
If not, we might be looking at the way iOS handles playing that file and how resource intensive it is.

Just some of my thoughts having dealt with this issue on/off for many months.

Another detail…

My iPhone 7 is Jailbroken and I can monitor all of the memory, cpu, etc… usage by app and process.

  • BMX2 uses a consistent amount of the processor and RAM at all times.
  • The freezes happened regardless of the phone running no other apps or many apps.
  • I could turn off all unneeded apps and processes (even processes not seen to the layman) and it still made no difference. Sometimes it would run fine and other times… freezing galore.

*** This makes me really curious if Android users experience the freezing and jitters at any level. ***
*** If it is an iOS only issue… is there away to package the downloaded file for iOS to handle its playback more consistently on the device. (Just thinking out loud here to put out some food for thought on the topic) ***

Thanks for the input. While I’ve been able to play for the most part lately, it still does happen often. I just have to keep resetting the race until it stops and i manage to get through the race with very little hiccups, granted, still lower FPS than what it should be.

Also, I played a little this morning and everything was fine. I just tried to play again and it says I haven’t raced any of the jam session tracks and it’s different people on the leaderboard. This morning it was me in 3rd USA and latte in 1st on forklift and I think I was like 5th or something on the other one. Now it’s all new people on leaderboard and says I haven’t raced yet?

The tracks are also different backgrounds now and some of the jumps are different. What is going on?

image image image image image image

You should join the Discord…

There is more timely information shared here in my opinion.

This morning they purged the “Moon Water” leaderboard because of too many bunk times from a glitch where if people hit the finish banner… their times would be much lower.

They are currently testing out a BETA version to fix this glitch.

The other track took a temporary setback but the old leaderboard eventually came back from the reset.

( I lost a faster time during the reset… ahhhhh!!! )

I’ll have to do that. Oh I see. Dang, they changed the jump (the one that was part of the glitch). I was flatlanding the top of that every lap and think it was faster too haha. Maybe now that you’ve lost your faster time I can actually catch you haha

And thanks for the help!