Poll: Which current game mode do you play the most?

Which current game mode do you play the most?

  • Career
  • Time Attack
  • Jam
  • Versus

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In the beginning when we got the game it was obviously Career Mode that took our time.
Later on it was Versus Mode to unlock the faster bikes (I grinded like a maniac ).
Nowadays its Jam, and Versus to get that matchy feeling and to interact with fellow racers.
I barely play in Time Attack. Only when some (Madskills)friend and I get the mood on and feel like racing eachother outside VS or Jam.


I play Jam most of the time, and honestly its mostly due to my data plan. I can play the same guy without submitting for a while. Versus is my favorite though. I mostly play career when I’m flying and don’t have data access. I rarely play time attack.

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in career mode I just beat the tracks I need to beat to get the next bike really.
Time attack I used to spend hours on this to be in the top spot on some tracks not anymore, bikes keep getting faster and faster eheh. I do use it when the versus tracks change on saturday so I can get used to some of the tracks.
Jam every once in a while I wil be competing there.
versus all day. - gonna get a nice phone bill from last month. I only have 1gB.

why do I pick versus over jam?
I get nuts playing the same track over and over again up against my own time that I’m unable to beat even if I play 2 hours straight, little moments of pure joy when you have a couple of meters lead on your on ghost get’s you kinda nervous makes you crash in a place you didn’t even know you could go down.
yet I must keep trying, somewhere I still believe I can do it.

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But duuuuude. If you jammed down you’d be the new Master52!

no way, that’s to much credit the guy is simply the best!
but appreciated, I do want to win one of these jams one day.

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A little late but Im a huge time attack fan. I usually switch it up from jam to versus to time attack but im steady on time attack. If im jamming hard that week I wont get many versus races in. Or vice versa.

I am usually on VS races. I have several friends that challenge me and vice versa. I love jamming too. I always try to stay on top of my friends group list and to improve in my state. I will get to the top of them all someday.