Poll: How do you feel about more track obstacles in the next Mad Skills MX game?


We’re currently in the beginning stages of developing the follow-up game to Mad Skills Motocross 2. (It’s going to be a long time until it’s public, so don’t ask for a release date!)

In our next MX game, which of the following obstacles would you like to see on some tracks? Mind you, we will always have pure tracks that don’t have extra obstacles on them. You can choose more than one option here. In the comments below, tell us if you have any additional ideas.

  • Log crossings
  • Rock formations
  • River/creek crossings
  • Different types of surface (hard-pack, mud, sand, loam, etc.)
  • NO! Do not add this stuff to any tracks!

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Again, if you have other ideas, or want to expand on your selections, please comment!

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The water crossings would be amazing. Maybe have tracks setup with it that would perhaps slow you down, but be on the fast line of that track and still give you a better time if you can nail it


Please add sand :heart_eyes: Lol sand is my favorite


Maybe you can insert a separate obstacle-mode in the new MSM


I think all of the above should be added :wink:


I’m pretty sure that anything you add would make it more interesting. Another thought: itd be cool to have shorter tracks with like 5-10 laps where the sand, mud, and different conditions get more rough and whooped out as the race progresses. Yall already have a sick game base, where the possibilities are endless for improvements. Yall already have a major fan base that will play this game no matter what yall do, so don’t be afraid to test anything out!


I think you could also add the tractor tire jumps like they use in enduro cross. That would be a fun/challenging obstacle.


since I’m from the Netherlands all I ever did was riding the sand, people from Belgium might have the same lol.
the best sand riders come from here or from other country’s but if you in any big team you will most likely be based in belgium or holland maybe train in duinkerke(france) I rode verywhere in Europe from uddevalla sweden to belpuig spain. there’s no such sand as in holland/belgium doesn’t get as rough anywhere else… Been to the old husqavarna factory in sweden they have a nice sandy test track @Kipketer might know this. so yes sand is what I’d love to see, even if it’s sand sections! and for other track maybe some enduro or endurocross(in stadium) type of track but I can imagine i’d be hard to create something like that


I strongly feel that purist motocrossers will be resistant to anything that isn’t found on modern MX tracks.
That said, MX tracks do have different soil throughout and traction will vary accordingly.
People who do not participate in MX racing in their life will probably enjoy things like log and creek crossings.
So it depends on what you want your customer base to be.


@Jordo said it right. Those that ride motocross which i feel are you main audience wont like creek crossings and logs ect. If you do do these types of tracks make it as realistic as you can. Dont make it all gimmicky and casual for normal people because then it will be just like any other side on racing game. For example rockets…they are a terrible part of the game just leave them out of the game entirely next time. I know you guys obviously have to make a profit off these games but stop with the new bikes. I stopped playing because i couldn’t be bothered playing non stop verses to get a new bike at level 55 and $12 is too much for a bike. $3 would be ok.


I’ve bought the bikes and I agree with you the prices should be dropped on them at least 5$ and if you do pay for the bike you should have free range to adjust the colors to whatever you want not 20 hand selected colors that the creators choose


They definately are a gimmick, but they are a VERY small part of the game and it’s even possible to turn them all the way off, so you never see them. I use them whenever I need to ace some tracks in order to unlock something fast (bike 10 took me less than ten minutes to unlock), and that’s about it. I think they are a remnant from MSMX 1 which was a crazy game in many ways.


Sand sections all day long for sure!! Having the different physic in there would be awesome.


There should be a supercross track pack with real supercross tracks, and an endurocross track pack with real endurocross tracks as well as different types of surface for the regular outdoor tracks


I like the idea of having some sort of off-road sections on tracks, but maybe have a separate mode for it.


yes I do like the idea of some enduroX and some obstacles. but they better stay out of my jam and versus.
the idea of the separate mode is great indeed


Would be really cool if mad skill took as far as having different style races all in the game… Example trials madskills mx snowbike mad skills mx our regular madskills mx. Throw in some different dirt types change traction in different types of dirt. And would be awesome if the bike customization went a little more in depth as to be able to setup suspension ect ect…


It they would be a way to change the camera views. Like a helmet came or be a where you could see the back of your rider like when your playing a dirtbike game on a console or pc.


Really fun idea! ^^

Yeah, we intentionally made them so they’re absolutely unnecessary for anybody who doesn’t like them. We accomplished this by outlawing them in Jam and creating separate rocket leaderboards on all tracks.

But this thread is about track obstacles. :slight_smile: