Point of joining racing teams?

What do people get out of joining teams? As far as I can see, a lot of players have a special picture with a team logo on it if they join one, but other than that, is there any benefit? I haven’t raced Jam recently. I was in Division 1 at one time, but I’ve let myself slide all the way down to Division 8 because I haven’t been racing the tracks. Hopefully I’m not asking a stupid question here…

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Well its no big secret that all the THR boys get all the lovin. We are bad ass hardcore talented, handsome warm milk drinkin sumbitches. Plus we have a bitchin super secret public page on facebook where we abuse eachother relentlessly. We pull hair, we scratch, poke eyeballs wear pink capes and unicorn helmets and talk about our affairs with dutchmans mom. And our leader has a beard and a cat and a pupper that he rescued out of the goodness of his heart and wallet from a burning aquarium… Um yeah teams are pretty sweet man. :metal:

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Bragging rights to be on some teams. Group chats in which team mates share different lines, tips and tricks. Every so often team leaders will coordinate private tournaments between teams. Make new friends!
Hope this helps!