Please Move Restart/@!#? Button Back

The restart button is too far away to reach now that its in the far upper right and if your like me, you press restart every few seconds.

I have carpal tunnel and Im not nearly able to play as long as I was before. Im now having to take breaks every 10 minutes or so of playing and im waking up with a sore wrist/hand. Ive actually never had carpal tunnel problems while using my phone until now.

Sorry to be that guy complaining because I love everything you guys do. Just thought I would share my thoughts. It would be awesome if we had full control of each button so we could place them where we prefer however, im not having issues with any other button.

Not sure if it matters but im on Samsung Galaxy S10e

Thanks for reading!


In the version we are working on right now, we have a button in the settings menu to flip the restart button between “phone” and “tablet” mode.

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Awesome looking forward to it. Thank you