Please, Help me

Is there any way to erase my progress in the world championship?

i think it is posible but why do you want do you want erase that or what is the question?

Because the Fly Relapse Gear is only unlocked If you Ace "Slip and Slide"
without rockets, and I already Aced It with rockets :frowning:

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then @hyarion could you help him

Ok, thanks

Just Wait a bit. The next update, which will be out shortly, will change the demands for unlocking the gear, so you only have to beat bruisers time But not the insanely fast ace.

Yes wait for the next update :slight_smile:

I finish and don’t happen nothing I’m going crazy with this Fly Relapse
Gear xD

The cutoff is at 32.58. The issue should be resolved shortly but if you cant wait I’ll add it for you if you can show me a sub 32.58 time.

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Oyeah thanks I Got it! :slight_smile: