Plate numbers / Jam Rankings

I was curious, I had messed around with the plate numbers/emoji’s before and have been noticing when i go to change back to a different number there is a number already there. For example, last week i changed my american flag emoji and the number that was there after was 111. Is that my last weeks jam ranking? This week i changed and it was 143. I was just curious what those numbers signified, or if they were just random?


I actually have no idea. And I never took notice of this.

I change on a weekly basis so the plate always show my last rank in the Jam weeks

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But is there room for five digits? :smile:

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Yeah thats what i was wondering, if it was the last weeks ranking that was there on the plate when choosing. Thats pretty cool they do that. I usually ran my old mx numbers but I changed it up and took notice of it after one of the updates to the game and was just curious. Let me know if you find anything out about it @Kipketer ! @Birdshaw Hahah!

@Romer834 @Kipketer @Birdshaw I just removed my emoji and it didnt show any numbers. I used to have 615 on there before i switched to emojis. If i go to add plate numbers again it starts off at 134 so im not sure of the significance of that. Maybe another easter egg we havent been told about yet :joy: :joy: :joy:

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@OnTheFrontLine @Birdshaw @Kipketer Yeah it only works if you apply the emoji, exit the shop, then return to the shop and change from emoji back to numbers. Mine is back to 111 today. Im wondering if it is an overall ranking from week 1 jams all the way to current? Could be a number of things. But it is interesting.