Phone not recognized by the servers

This is my second phone first one had a faulty charge port. For 6 months now, I have not been able to play mad skills BMX 2. Every time I enable the app it says like I’m offline. Says can not connect with server. It will let me play offline mode, but no Jam, can’t gain levels nothing. All the while, it is online because it still makes me watch ads. I’ve tried everything, uninstall reinstall, called my carrier. Talked to turborilla support and no one can answer anything. They all blame it on the other. I had mad skills Motocross 2 downloaded at the same time and had no problems with that app. I feel that I have been mistakenly blocked, but I don’t know.
I play from an Android 10. Before I played from a much older phone, it played fine. Also, if I hotspot through this phone and try to access the app from an older phone it does the same thing. I’m at a loss. What to do?