Pet appreciation thread


I got a new pupper today. Her name is Nora and she’s pretty damn neat. (Ignore the blurry chicken nugget attack. My son got jealous.)

Post your doggos. Or cats, Horses, Lizards, Llamas, or whatever you got. Melt my heart people.


New kitten got him last week


Das a nice lookin feline.

Edit: autocorrect



I’ve put my cat in my moto boots one time for a picture :joy:


I need to see it.





You can barely see my dog in this picture lol but thats me and my homies with my dog kuma


He’s so dark lmao


It took me a minute to find him. :joy::joy:


Yway lol its a her though




My bad. Name sounded boyish. :joy:


I’ve also got two of the dumbest dogs in the history of the World. Here the one eyed one has just been scalped by yours truely.



Looks just like u boss :grin::joy:


Izzy- photo compliments of @THR_Hannah




My two old cats enjoying a bit of downtime in the sun after a long day.