Persistent notification icon

Sorry if this has been posted before, but myself and another player I know personally are having an issue with the apps notification icon not staying active throughout the entire week. Has anyone else had this issue?

You mean it doesn’t always show when you have new challenges in Versus etc? I never had any issues with that

No, I have checked all in the game. There are no new challenges or items the game has new. It used to do it every Thursday morning and then go away after I completed the weekly races. But last week it wouldn’t go away.

I just turned off notifications for the game in my settings and it removed it so problem solved. Not that big of a deal for most people I imagine, but I kinda have OCD about those little red number bubbles on my phone. :grinning:

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I’ve had this happening for about 2 or 3 weeks.

I can confirm that this happens on both my Apple devices as well. I just disabled the badge app icon in settings for MSMX2 to make it go away. Like Broome says, it’s not that big of deal so I never mentioned it before. But now that the question has been raised. :ghost:

Are either of you having a problem where if you lock your phone/tablet with the app open, it crashes when you unlock your phone/tablet? It only started after I updated to ios10.

I can’t say that I have ever noticed this issue. I just tried to recreate it on both devices that are running iOS 10.0.2 and MSMX2 version 2.5.0. I launched the game and went to the Multiplayer Jam entry screen, then locked. Both of them woke up normally with the home button.

Are you on a particular screen when it happens or in an active race?

Device 1 = iPhone 6s Plus
Device 2 = iPad Pro 9.7

It doesn’t matter what screen, it’ll usually do it. Sometimes it doesn’t. The only thing that bothers me about it is when I’m in a race in vs and have a good time and lock my phone before sending the score, then when I open it, the crash wipes the score I had.

My notifications don’t work at all and I have them turned on , I’m on iPhone5s