Official world championship announcement!



Didn’t DJAuzzi get third last year?


He got banned for playing cash on two accounts. So he’s getting skipped


I’m rooting for @THR_MX_GOON. You missed the first one. This is your time, bro.


There should be helmets or virtual rewards for top 1000? At least a lot of us that don’t dream of Top64 (I, Birdshaw, Sam, etc :grinning:) can have something to play for. :wink:

@bryan @JoeW723


Gear this time!!! Something to go with last years helmet!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:


Yeah like top 65-100 a super gift :gift:
101-200 a good gift :gift:
201-500 a gift :gift:
501-1000. 10 weeks of premium
And of course new top 1000 helmets


Do you have any idea How fucking long that would take to add? I manually add the tester track packs and it’s the most boring shit ever. And Thats like 25 ppl.




There must be a way to code it and make it more automat!!!


Great! I still suck :joy::joy::metal:


Joooonnnnneeeeee you gonna try to make it to the wc, top 64 in Jam no biggie for you, what you say :smirk:


Can dutch even make it? #trainertalk


I’m so glad I logged onto the forum today, lets get it boys!


some premium weeks would be rad!


Is there gonna be a wc for bmx?


Perhaps at some point. But I think the game and player base needs to mature a little and find out who ranks where first.