Official Versus Week

Not sure if anyone wants to do this but I was looking through some of the older threads and found it.
It was years ago but I thought it looked fun so I though I’d try to start it again.
Basically just post a screenshot of your fast times on some of the versus tracks this week so we can compare times and see how we’re doing :wink:

I guess I’ll start it off with this one. It felt kinda fast, but 27 is definitely possible if you don’t mess up in those evil whoops near the end like I did lol

Let’s do it!!

Sounds good :smiley:
Try this one:

idk if this is a good time

Uhh I’m not sure. I think it’s decent but I don’t know the track very well. I’ll try it and find out.

yes sonicspeed a 27 is possible :slight_smile:

another one

Lol thanks
Almost got a 19 on this one but missed the last scrub. I’m gonna keep working on it I know I’ll get it soon.

Probably coulda been slightly quicker but that was pretty fast. Have fun with this one DrXpY :wink:

Got it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jeez us man lol, that’s more than a heater, that thing melted!! :smiley::smiley:

Haha! I actually beat that time today, here’s my new best:


got this time idk if it’s fast

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Wow man! :smiley: that’s pretty ridiculous lol

Idk. I don’t like that track so I never really play it XD

Hey KrazyT you should join the fun! I wanna see what your times are!

He should

Not quite as fast as yours @DrXpY_YT but still pretty quick.

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Good job!

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