OFFICIAL team RAD signup thread


This is the team rad signup thread. If you would like to join team rad just reply to this saying your username and say that you would like to join. I will then look at your account and if you have the following,

Have a better time than 28 seconds in Ningitsoo without rockets, and if are at least top 1000 in jam then you may join. It would be helpful if you provide screenshots of ninjitsoo and jam.I hope that I can have you on team RAD.

Team owner: RAD_admx

Thank you.

Please tag @THR_Birdshaw when replying to have your name changed.

If I am able, I will join,
Here is the requirements

If I am able to join, I would like my name to be RAD_PTR332

Yes it all looks good, I will be happy to have you apart of our team. I will have your name changed and I will let you know when you are in the team.

It’s done welcome to the team