Official TEAM HDR signup thread


As many of you guys have seen or heard we started a new team called: Team HDR

We are now open for expansion and would like to see more people experience the launch of MSMX3 together with us.

Qualification to join:

1.Join our facebook group, answere the topic about team application in our pinned topics.

2.Join the Messenger group and send me a message about official name change request.

  1. Read and accept the rules on our Facebook page.

Each will get only 1 warning :warning: Before removal for misbehaving or ignoring the rules.

Everyone in the team must have:
Official name change to - HDR_(yourname)
Read and accept the rules of the group.

Everyone in the team Will be given custom made team plates to use as Avatar/profile Picture so we get known as a group.

(Top ranked players Will be given special ones so we all know what skill rank they are at )

So lets talk about our ideas for 2020:

First of all we are going to head out and look for alot of players for the launch of MSMX3 so we can expand and put HDR mark in the community.

We will always publish some kind of clips of each top riders we have on our open Facebook page to attract more people to our community.

We will host our own tournaments with weekly update on standings by the end of each week with a special bracket system for placements.

We will try to make it to the top.
The purpose of this group is to learn, share and compete with fellow members and abroad for the purpose of reaching our goal to be the best team around, but ultimately having fun!
If you have any questions at all in regards to the Team, or general Madskills Motocross inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Team HDR Facebook link:

My name:
Rasmus Zetterström

-Together as one, we all where the crown, to go full throttle, we all hammer down!

Best wishes


Please visit our Facebook page to be There when tournaments are up again :pray:

Let’s bump this up!

To all who wish to join the greatest, let me or @Tozzy know via Private message or join the official HDR Facebook group!

We have a team of awesome riders, from all over the world but you don’t have to be great to join us! We will help you get there!

:boom: :hammer: Join The Hammer Down Team! :boom::hammer:

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Okey so we are allowed for new teams on msmx2 :pray::pray: make sure to request name change and join our Facebook group.

Facebook is updated :pray:

Official 40 members and a super active Facebook chat for tips / tricks :heart: