Official mbt_ sign up thread!

This is another join thread
no one joined fst
im sad.
this is team MBT (Motocross BMX Team)
you need to:
be div 2 or 1 in bmx 2 or mx 2/3
level 25 on bmx 2 or versus level 15 on mx 2 or be level 10 on mx 3
have done the whole career on bmx 2
have aced first 9 tracks in mx 2
be at German qualifier on mx 3
thats basically it
just tell me if you have all of (or as many in the game you play) the requirements
then ask me to change your name
tell me your current name and then what you want it to be
or ask Bradshaw to do it on the official name request thread
just say:
@24K_BEN i have all the requirements on bmx 2 or mx 2 or mx 3
and then your name and that

join if you have met the requirements and are keen on joining

thats all i have to say

on msbmx 2 my name is 24K_BEN

hey @24K_BEN you should join UFO_
you could be UFO_Ben

whats the criteria


like what do i have to achieve to get in
like what i need
(im eleven years old im confused on what im even saying lol)

for right now im just picking and choosing who is able to join, i will consult with other members about the criteria at a later period in time. just let me know your current name what you want it to be and what number you want, which it looks like yours is 196