Official FST_ join thread

hello (i dont know if i can do this)

if you want to join the FST_ clan, here is the criteria:
play msbmx2, msmx2, msmx3
be top 10% in downhill tutorial or have aced the first three levels, or have made it to the bumpy track on msmx3
play jam regularly
be in div 5 or better or be level 50 on msbmx2

its not to hard to get criteria
here is the discord:

just write:
i am top 10%
div 3
not like that obviously and with a picture

and boom your in
(might be:)

Just saying hopefully birdshaw will get my name changed to
so do that when i update the criteria thingy mi-bob

please do @24K_BEN not @H20_BENNY

@THR_Birdsaw ¿podría por favor mi nombre de ZEN_CATRACHO a H20_Josx cambiar mi nombre de ZEN_CATRACHO a H20_Josx

Please @THR_Birdshaw

@THR_Birdshaw puedes cambiar mi nombre de LD_David a XD_David

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